Nitrogen Fixation for the Masses

By: Ann Northrup

Ann Northrup spent her undergraduate years at the University of Michigan, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in microbiology….

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The ability to fix nitrogen from the air may no longer be limited to certain types of plants that naturally harbor bacterial symbionts. Technology has been developed in England potentially enabling any plant to be made into a nitrogen fixer. A technique to deliver nitrogen-fixing bacteria to cells of plant roots has been in development for many years. A significant breakthrough came when a strain of nitrogen-fixing bacteria from sugar cane was discovered capable of colonizing intracellular spaces of plants, thereby imparting nitrogen-fixing capability to potentially every cell.  Azotic has licensed the “N-Fix” technology with potential to revolutionize fertilizer use in agriculture. A seed inoculant formulation has been developed for Canadian and British field trials to be held in 2013.

University of Nottingham News, July 2013