Rainwater Harvesting in LA

A recent article in the summer 2014 issue of Pacific Horticulture, Making (the Most of) Rain in LA, outlines one So Cal homeowners’ creative response to cultivating a lush and productive garden while taming their landscape water use. The resourceful system is illustrated in the infographic below.

However, in light of this year’s persistent and serious drought conditions we thought we’d follow up with a status report on how the garden is faring:

The garden is weathering the current drought well enough. Less than 4 inches of rainfall didn’t last long, so cistern water has not been a major source for irrigation water. It’s estimated that the cistern will fill with just over 5 inches of rain, but Los Angeles rarely sees that in one rain event. The large trees are struggling along with all the well-established and deeply rooted flora. The irrigation system will continue to draw from the municipal water supply until there is rainfall once again in Southern California.

Paula Henson, Terra Bella Water

Infographic courtesy of Terra Bella Water

Infographic courtesy of Terra Bella Water

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