A Soapbark Tree Resource Guide

By: Matt Ritter

Matt Ritter is a professor in the Biology Department and director of the Plant Conservatory at California Polytechnic University, San…

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As a companion to Matt Ritter’s article about Chile’s soapbark tree (Quillaja saponaria), which was featured in the July 2011 issue of Pacific Horticulture, we offer the following short list of nurseries that occasionally offer soapbark trees. Be sure to contact any nursery before visiting to confirm that there will be any available.

River Rock Nursery
19350 SE Hwy 224
Carver, OR 97089
Retail, mail order; open by appointment

San Marcos Growers
125 South San Marcos Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93160-6827

Online and print catalog; wholesale only (ask your local retail nursery to order trees from San Marcos)

Check also with your local botanical garden, as soapbark trees are sometimes available through seasonal plant sales hosted by these institutions.

Please be sure to mention Pacific Horticulture when contacting any of these vendors.

If you find another nursery offering soapbark trees, please send a note to the editor at editor@pacifichorticulture.org

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