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A Gardener’s Notebook: January to March

Articles: A Gardener’s Notebook: January to March

Thenie Pearsall submitted a few paragraphs from her diary for publication in the Winter ’98 issue of Pacific Horticulture. With delightful observations of the garden and natural world, from her home in Sonoma County, California, she returns for a year-long series of short excerpts from her gardener’s notebook.
I was given as a gift, recently, a thermometer that records, for a twenty-four-hour period or until reset, the highest and lowest temperatures reached, so I can now document my long-held belief that both high and low temperatures in my garden, at the bottom of a hill and next to open fields, are actually more extreme than the official records. It really was 14°F the other night; I dragged all the near neighbors over to see for themselves so they wouldn’t accuse me of exaggerating again.
The view of the garden from my desk today doesn’t show much promise: rain puddles, weeding not done because of discouraging weather, some roses pruned and others still needing to be. But there are redeeming features: some camellias are blooming, also Daphne odora with its incomparable fragrance, violets, daffodils. Last year, I found a source for Tulipa saxatilis, recommen...


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