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What if there was an online directory that combined dozens of catalogs of independent nurseries from across the country and abroad to help you find plants? Welcome to plant lust. A growing database of 30,000 plants—including many new and unusual varieties—that contains well-researched plant data and photos from gardeners around the world. Powerful filters—by zones, growing conditions, and appearance—make browsing the elegant site simple.

Begonia sutherlandii.  Photo: Sue Milliken, Far Reaches Farm
Begonia sutherlandii. Photo: Sue Milliken, Far Reaches Farm

For me its Begonia sutherlandii; a tumbling mass of small, dusky orange blossoms above bright green leaves with intriguing red veins. This somewhat tender perennial from South Africa is showy in summer containers but not in an overbred tame way. I had it for years—and then I didn’t. I want it back. Fortunately, a quick search on plant lust turned up four West Coast nurseries offering my horticultural desire. Sadly, all four sources were currently “out of stock,” but at least now I know where to put my name on the wish list.





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