Alcatraz Florilegium

Rosa 'Bardou Job'—also known as the Alcatraz Rose—by Catherine M. Watters

Rosa ‘Bardou Job’—also known as the Alcatraz Rose—by Catherine M. Watters

Florilegium: a collection of botanical drawings and paintings depicting the plants of an area.

An exhibition of botanical drawing and paintings documenting the plants of the Gardens of Alcatraz is open to island visitors now through December 31, 2013 in the Alcatraz Prison Band Rehearsal Room.

The exhibit is made up of a juried selection of 45 works, in a variety of media including watercolor, graphite, and colored pencil, illustrating plants growing on the island. Many of the plants depicted in the exhibition are documented “survivor” plants discovered in the process of restoring the historic property, a project initiated by a partnership formed in 2003 by the Garden Conservancy and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservatory together with the National Park Service.

Alcatraz Florilegium is a project of Northern California Society of Botanical Artists (NCalSBA)in collaboration with the Garden Conservancy. Details at