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A Smart New (Web) Tool for the Garden

Articles: A Smart New (Web) Tool for the Garden
Shoot, sort, and store photos in your customized eGardenGo database.  Photo: courtesy of eGardenGo
Shoot, sort, and store photos in your customized eGardenGo database. Photo: courtesy of eGardenGo

Darcy Daniels has been designing gardens and consulting with gardeners for 15 years. Over that time she’s discovered a few concerns universal to all her clients: how to create successful and inspired plant combinations; how to inventory plants in their garden, including growing habits, cultural needs, and possible garden uses; and how to keep track of all their many garden plans and projects. Darcy’s response was to create eGardenGo, a web-based portal designed to do all this and more utilizing free registration and subscription features.

Gardeners of all levels will find plenty to love in this innovative new web tool set to debut in the coming months. Beginning gardeners will have fun exploring pre-loaded custom curated plant compositions designed to ensure their success and build confidence. While avid gardeners with a few more growing seasons under their belt can use the existing content as a springboard for creating their own inspired garden combinations.

While eGardenGo’s rich database contains scores of plant combination recipes beautifully depicted in luscious photos, its real power is rooted in its flexibility. Users will be able to customize their experience by organizing lists, identifying favorites, and uploading additional images. Simple tagging—by light, soil, and other cultural requirements—allows subscribers to easily search and reference their content on the go or when working with a landscape professional; or match new must-have nursery purchases with potential planting partners already in the database to create unique garden vignettes of their own.


eGardenGo-logo-webDarcy and her development team expect to launch eGardenGo in spring of 2016 and are looking for beta users. Avid gardeners like Pacific Horticulture readers are a natural fit. Interested? Contact darcy@egardengo.com for details. And keep abreast of the latest updates by subscribing at www.egardengo.com.






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