Marking the Solstice


Find a public garden in your area holding a Solstice event or consider inviting others to gather in your garden.

“To be a gardener is not to let nature take its course; it is to tend.”
–Eric Liu, The Gardens of Democracy

Join with a global community on December 21, 2017, by gathering in a garden to mark the Winter Solstice. Bring a source of light, meet friends, and feel the power of a shared intention and the peace of a night garden. There is a great yearning for serenity and calm, which our gardens provide. Garden lovers stand together, grounded in the practice of caring for the earth and sharing that goal in the symbol of light against the long dark night.

A November 2016 letter from the American Public Gardens Association to its members sparked inspiration for this collective effort:

“At this moment, the world needs public gardens more than ever. Everyone needs to disconnect from the stress and lose, then find, themselves in our gardens. Whether they are naturally preserved and conserved or deliberately designed to evoke awe and emotion, gardens are where we can all intersect.”

Look to your favorite local public gardens for details of planned events in your area. Or create an event in your own garden by inviting friends to bring candles or lanterns, light the night with luminaria, or gather around a fire pit. Bring a warm beverage, share a light in the darkness, and find peace and community in our winter gardens.

For more information and resources visit the Facebook page for Solstice Garden Gatherings.