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An early season mason bee pollinates an apple blossom. Photo: courtesy of Crown Bees.
An early season mason bee pollinates an apple blossom. Photo: courtesy of Crown Bees.

Our mission at Crown Bees is to increase the number of native bees in North America. The struggle of the honeybee is well known, but most people are unaware that there are more than 4,000 species of native bees living in North America. These gentle bees work side-by-side with honeybees to pollinate home gardens as well as commercial food crops.

Native bees, such as mason bees, are super pollinators that don’t make honey. Instead, they spend all their energy pollinating fruits, vegetables, nuts, and flowers. They are easy to raise; anyone can do it. It’s easier than hanging and filling a birdfeeder. These bees are perfect for the home garden, fun to watch, and are safe around children and pets because they rarely sting.

The new BeeWithMe community unites people across the country that care about the environment, want to help save bees, and are interested in learning how to raise native bees or already have a bee house in their backyard. Our goal is to collaborate with backyard gardeners, organizations, clubs, and farmers to create one large “doing” network that supports the millions of managed bees needed to protect our future food supply. Through the website, we will help educate and mobilize the caretakers of mason bees, other native bees, butterflies, birds, and bats. Users share tips, stories and connect with each other. The website also plans on listing community events, places to buy supplies and more.

By educating people about the importance of gentle bees, connecting communities, and using local knowledge to teach others, we’re going to revolutionize the way bees and food are raised across North America. Only through teamwork will we make a change to our food supply. It’s a mission we all have to believe in—and act on now, not later.

bmw logo net top-2Crown Bees is a leading provider of solitary and native bees along with bee-safe nesting products. Serving the retail and commercial markets since 2008, Crown Bees has focused on supplementing the challenged honeybee population. Its unique Bee Buyback program helps gardeners complete the bee harvesting circle in an easy and efficient way. Find out more at www.CrownBees.com.





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