Yoga for Gardeners (DVD)

A few years ago, we reviewed a little book about yoga for gardeners; our main complaint was that the basics of yoga were missing. Not long after, yoga instructor Gail Dubinsky sent me her DVD, suggesting that it might fill the gaps. It does—and does much more. With a season of garden activities in front of us, this might be the best post-holiday gift for gardeners, ourselves included.

Gail introduces us to the basics of yoga, and to a non-violent approach to movement (and to gardening, where she practices an organic approach, inspired by professional gardener Maile Arnold). With a clear discussion of why we practice yoga, what parts of the body are involved, and how breathing affects the movements and postures, Gail takes us through movements that benefit specific parts of the body that are of particular importance in gardening: the legs, shoulders, back, and arms. With thoughtful pacing, and a gentle voice, Gail instructs in yoga that will keep our bodies healthy and strong—both in the garden and beyond. She concludes with relaxation movements, important for muscles that may have been worked to the limit while we gardened.

Gail emphasizes that yoga can be practiced with minimal props, most already in our homes. Many of the movements are compared with gardening activities demonstrated in healthy and attractive garden situations. This excellent DVD is available at or by calling Gail Dubinsky at 707/829-7596.

Richard G Turner Jr, editor