Rooting for Soil

day 6: Celebrating Soil Security

9781604691139lYou’ve heard the phrase feed the soil to tend the plants?

In Teaming with Microbes, (Timber Press*) authors Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis introduce readers to the benefits of nurturing the soil food web—a rambunctious mix of earthworms, insects, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms—which in turn supports robust healthy plants. Healthy soil literally teems with life. (see that – team…teem?) Avid gardeners, science wonks, and citizens of planet earth, we all have a stake in this game.

“Sure, it’s a gardening book, but it has all the drama and suspense of an extraterrestrial thriller. A cast of characters without eyeballs or backbones. Battle scenes with bizarre creatures devouring one another. Only this book is about as terrestrial as it gets.”  —Debra McKinney, Anchorage Daily News, September 14, 2006

Read this excerpt from Teaming with Microbes entitled “Plants are in Control” from our July 2006 issue.

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