HPSO Spring Program: “The Pleasure Garden” with Jeffrey Bale

Jeffery Bale, a local garden designer and artist, has created magical landscapes all over the country.  Jeff Bale grew up in Eugene, Oregon, and after graduating with a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon, he began to travel. Jeff travels for three to five months each year soaking in the textures, colors and designs of both natural and man made landscapes. When he gets home he builds richly textured gardens heavily influenced by his travels that often feature his pebble mosaic work. Jeff believes that there is a story behind every design and is inspired by art working in harmony with nature. Jeff’s garden design and pebble mosaics are features of many HPSO member’s gardens and recently he started in Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Art Beat program. Jeff’s photographs of both his gardens and landscapes of the world are stunning.   More info.

Cost: $20 (members), $25 (non-members)
Phone: (503) 224-5718 Email:  admin@hardyplantsociety.org