Digital Nature

trailers_anemone; John Carpenter, 2013

Please join us for a spectacular evening of animation, light, and sound in the garden. A group of acclaimed contemporary artists have been invited to project their work onto the rich canvas of the botanical garden. With themes as diverse as invasive exotics, natural pigments, plant tropism, and an ancient Chinese poem, these digital and video works explore the intersection of horticulture and technology.

Sited within the Arboretum’s collections to illuminate hidden meanings, the art will create surprise and delight in one of LA’s most treasured public gardens.

Artists: Jeff Cain, John Carpenter, Kevin Cooley, Chris Doyle, Courtney Egan, Andrew McKee, Sandra Osborne, Sasha Petrenko, David Sullivan, Gail Wight, Jenny Yurshanksy, Shirley Alexandra Watts & Rebecca Ruige Xu

Natural Discourse thanks it generous sponsors
Pasadena Art Alliance, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, Marie Csete & John Doyle, Cordelia Donnelly, Francie Rehwald, Andrea Testa-Vought