Bringing Back the Natives Tour

A self-guided tour of 40 Alameda and Contra Costa county gardens.
This delightful collection of native plant gardens ranges from Al Kyte’s 30-year-old wildlife oasis to brand new installations, from five acre lots to small front-yard gardens, from local native plants to natives from throughout California, and from gardens designed and installed by owners to those designed and installed by professionals.

California native plants are naturally adapted to local soils and climate, thrive without amendments, fertilizers, or
pesticides, and offer incomparable habitat value to wildlife. Discover more about the possibilities California native plants offer at a variety of lovely gardens.

On Saturday and Sunday, May 3 and May 4, from 10:00 to 5:00, the Native Plant Sale Extravaganza will take place. During the Extravaganza a number of nurseries specializing in California natives, many not normally open to the public, will Carry large quantities of hard-to-find California natives.

Registration is required. Registrants will receive a Garden Guide containing descriptions of each garden and directions. Visit  for more information.