15th Annual Summer Gardening Fair

An annual tradition here at the Botanical Garden, the Summer Gardening Fair is a free, fun and friendly gathering of plant enthusiasts sharing ideas, plants and plant-related items.

Gardens thrive in the summer, even in San Francisco’s fog! In fact, our unique climate means that in your San Francisco garden you can grow some incredible rarities like the almost extinct Deppea splendens, or other cloud forest plants from Chile or Central America. In our nursery we’re propagating many plants that you won’t find at big-box stores or commercial nurseries. Our plant Arbor will be well stocked with great selections from our Nursery.

Come to the Fair to learn more about plants and gardening from our volunteers and plant specialists, and representatives of local horticultural and conservation organizations. Join a local plant club, buy plants and plant products, or simply enjoy a day in the Garden.

A program of the San Francisco Botanical Garden.

Location: San Francisco Botanical Garden
Golden Gate Park
9th Ave & Lincoln Way
San Francisco, CA 94122

For more information, visit the Garden’s Education page.