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Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Resilient Landscapes 

Honoring multi-disciplinary innovators who are solving the climate and horticulture challenges of today.

Designing for Year Round Interest in a Mediterranean Climate Garden

With Imogen Checketts and Kate Dumbleton, hosted by Noel Kingsbury and Sarah Beck.

Pacific region gardeners will find commonalities with the site, soil, and sensibilities of these incredible designer/gardeners in the south of France.

Imogen Checketts and Kate Dumbleton run a planting design business near Carcassonne in South-West France where they also have a small nursery of plants grown from their demonstration garden.

In this webinar, they will present a palette of plants for year-round interest that have thrived in their dry summer climate garden. There will be an emphasis on how they use colour, light, movement and structure to create gardens that are easy to maintain and require little or no watering in the medium- and long-term.

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Culture & Place; The Art of Process-led Design with Xanthe White

Xanthe White is a New Zealand designer second to none in her ability to articulate design issues. She uses the process of design itself as a key to her work. 

Pacific region gardeners and designers will appreciate White’s passion for connecting people to nature and sense of place and for integrating native plants of conservation importance into garden spaces.  

“The art of garden design is always interwoven into the context of culture and place. It is these unique parameters which define the infinite variable outcomes of a garden. While these infinite possibilities might make the creation of a garden seem endless and overwhelming design is a process which guides us through a site to find the limitations and parameters. It is within the creation of these boundaries that a garden emerges. Process lead design can be applied to any place or situation to guide you to a destination woven with the unique magic of the occupier and the place of occupation.”

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