Jan. 2023

Companion Plant List for our Tuesday, January 17, 2023 webinar with Imogen Checketts and Kate Dumbleton, hosted by Noel Kingsbury and Sarah Beck.

Le Jardin Champetre

Caunes-Minervois, S.W. France

Imogen Checketts

BSc. (Hons.) Landscape & Heritage

Head gardener at Pensthorpe Wildlife & Gardens

Lino-cut print artist

Kate Dumbleton

Ecological planting (Australia 2001)

Permaculture design & Btec in horticulture

Le jardin Champetre: https://lejardinchampetre.com/

Planting Design, planting & maintenance, nursery

Year out researching Mediterranean gardening

(Nurseries, Mediterranean Garden Society & Hanbury Botanical Gardens, Italy)

Gardening full-time in S.W. France since 2013

5th summer, August 2020 – at dusk. looking painterly, balanced. Credit: Le Jardin Champetre

1. Planting combination: Banks

Permanent, static: Stabilise the bank; gentle entrance

2. Planting combination

Open pathway, a break between bolder planting; dynamic, partly experimental


3. Planting combination: Heteromeles


4. Planting combination: Berkheya Border

New border, full sun, Extending main border


5. Planting combination: Melia Azedarach

Wilder style; Planting for hotter summers; Encouraging visitors to the meadow


6. Planting combination: wine estate gravel garden

No grasses, Pretty flowers, full sun & wind