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Life Not Lawn Campaign Resources

Lupine (Lupinus spp.) Color Credit: Jeremy Maestas and Maja Smith, Sage Grouse Initiative

Life Not Lawn 

Those of us in the West know that water is precious, and that drought is upon us. Pacific Horticulture wants to celebrate those who are part of the solution and have transformed their turf into a climate resilient garden.

July-September 2021, we are inviting everyone to share and tag #LifeNotLawn images of drought tolerant, waterwise, habitat supporting, climate resilient, native, and pollinator attracting plants where lawn used to be!



Pacific Horticulture

Articles about The Beauty of Organized Chaos, Lawn-Free and Lively Spaces

Pacific Horticulture | The Beauty of Organized Chaos

Pacific Horticulture | The Quest for the Best


UC Davis

Planting Design Ideas for Sustainable Gardens

UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden – Life After Lawn


Oregon State University | Extension

WaterWise Gardening ideas that use little or no water in a landscape

WaterWise Gardening | OSU Extension Service


UC Master Gardeners of Sonoma County

Reduced Water Use Can Go Hand-in-Hand with Beautiful Landscaping

UC Master Gardeners Sonoma | Garden Sense


Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) 

Imagine a gorgeous garden: one that requires less water, but doesn’t look dry

California Watershed Approach to Landscape Design | G3 Handbook


Lawn to Wildflowers

Tips and advice for removing your lawn and converting your yard to a water-wise oasis

Converting Your Lawn


Weeding Wild Suburbia

Tips on how to remove lawns, water native plants, and where to get appropriate natives

All About Gardening with California Native Plants


CA Dept of Water Resources

Local & regional resources for plant selection and landscape design for California’s hydrologic regions

Water-Efficient Landscaping


Chino Basin Water Conservation District

Inland Valley Garden Planner designed to help you achieve beautiful, have-it-all gardens well suited for the region

Inland Valley Garden Planner


California Dept of Water Resources

A step-by-step guide to convert your thirsty lawn into a rain-wise, pollinator, edible, or succulent garden.

Removing Your Lawn


Drought.gov |National Integrated Drought Information System

A multi-agency partnership coordinating drought monitoring, forecasting, planning, and information at national, tribal, state, and local levels.



Santa Barbara Botanical Garden

Imagine a beautiful garden, full of life, which saves you water, time and money: a garden full of California native plants!

Water Wise Native Plants


Theodore Payne Foundation

A step-by-step guide providing a helpful approach to turning your yard into a California native garden.

Getting Started with Native Plants

The establishment period is the time during which a new plant is developing its root system—the deeper the better!

The First Year: Getting Plants Established


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