Rick Peterson

Great Plant Picks


Rick Peterson manages the Great Plant Picks educational program at the Elisabeth Miller Botanical Garden in Seattle, Washington. His home garden in Federal Way, which he shares with frequent Pacific Horticulture contributor Richie Steffen, is landscaped with “restrained exuberance” and includes overly abundant collections of species rhododendrons, iris, epimedium, ferns, and a plethora of other rare and unusual flora. Both plead guilty to the current menagerie of potted plants waiting patiently in the driveway…

Suzanne Ferris



Suzanne Ferris is a garden designer and a botanical illustrator who writes about horticulture. Her past includes a stint as an arts manager for the King County Solid Waste Division, a letterpress printer and hand papermaker for Sea Pen Press and Papermill, and a public artist on Waldron Island. Her botanical interests include conducting plant trials testing soils both native and manufactured. Her future may include designing a line of furniture for outdoor spaces for Newwood Corporation. Plan B is to open a private eating club that Falstaff might enjoy.

Suzanne received a Fine Arts degree from Madison, Wisconsin and attended horticulture classes at Edmonds Community College. She has tended a large garden in Seattle for thirty-six years and is currently writing a book about her garden mentors, including a chapter about Phil Wood, with whom she worked. Suzanne accepts commission work.

Scott Zona

Scott Zona, PhD, is a botanist with a long-standing interest in palms. He is co-editor of Palms, the journal of the International Palm Society and resides in Miami, Florida, where, sadly, Jubaea chilensis will not thrive. He is curator of the greenhouses at Florida International University, Department of Biological Sciences.

Mark Bourne

Mark Bourne’s training in Kyoto included building new gardens and pruning in many of Japan’s most famous gardens, including Kenninji. He is a garden designer on the San Francisco Peninsula, and writes about gardens, design, and reading the patterns of the natural world at windsmithdesign.com.

Casey Lyon

Casey Lyon, founder of Habitat Gardens, is a leading expert in native gardens and green roof technologies. He trained at California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo in horticulture with a focus on restoration ecology. He has won several awards for his living roofs and has had his gardens featured in Garden Design and Gardens Illustrated.

Bob Wigand

Bob Wigand is a freelance photographer, specializing in garden photography in the greater San Diego area. His images have appeared in numerous publications, but his passion is with capturing images of nature and wildlife throughout the southwest. He resides in San Marcos, California with Judy, his wife and travel companion.

David Fross

David Fross is one of Southern California’s most highly respected native plant specialists and co-author with Bart O’Brien and Carol Bornstein of California Native Plants for the Garden (Cachuma Press, 2006).  David is the owner of Native Sons Wholesale Nursery in Arroyo Grande.

Frederique Lavoipierre

Frederique Lavoipierre is the creator and author of “Garden Allies,” a series that ran for 10 years in Pacific Horticulture magazine. She also teaches classes and workshops on sustainable landscaping, including ecological principles, habitat gardens, beneficial insects, soil ecology, freshwater ecology, and aquatic invertebrates. Follow her on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/Garden.Allies.

Tanya DeMarsh-Dodson

Tanya DeMarsh-Dodson has gardened since she could walk and has worked in the field of horticulture for more than twenty years, currently in the Puget Sound Basin. She has served on a Great Plant Picks Committee since 2000, maintains a garden consultation business, and volunteers with the Garden Conservancy’s Northwest Network.

Bart O’Brien

Bart O’Brien is one of Southern California’s most highly respected native plant specialists and co-author with David Fross and Carol Bornstein of California Native Plants for the Garden (Cachuma Press, 2006). Bart is director of special projects at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont.

Marie Barnidge-McIntyre

Marie Barnidge-McIntyre is the staff horticulturist for Rancho Los Cerritos in Long Beach, California, and did the majority of the research on trees for the restoration of the historic orchard there. She also operates Gardens by Design, a consulting firm, from her home in Thousand Oaks, California.

Kathy Musial

Kathy Musial is curator of living collections at the Huntington Botanical Gardens where she has worked for more than twenty-five years. She serves on the board of directors of Pacific Horticultural Society, leads tours for the Society, and is a collaborator on the soon-to-be-published Conifers around the World.

Carol Bornstein

Carol Bornstein is one of Southern California’s most highly respected native plant specialists and co-author with David Fross and Bart O’Brien of California Native Plants for the Garden (Cachuma Press, 2006). Carol was horticulturist for the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden for nearly thirty years.


Richard G Turner Jr

Richard G Turner Jr is the editor emeritus of Pacific Horticulture. After receiving degrees in architecture and landscape architecture from the University of Michigan more than thirty years ago, he escaped to California, where he has worked in the fields of garden design, public garden education and administration, and garden publishing. His small, chemical-free San Francisco garden provides habitat for wildlife while serving as a test ground for mediterranean-climate plants.