Landscapes of Change: Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park

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Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park

A unique piece of land consisting of forested uplands and saltwater shoreline sits between Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula.

After 150 years of industrial logging, the timber company holding this land, decided it was time to divest.

The people of Kitsap County, Washington formed a coalition. Community leaders, environmental organizations, recreation groups, and two Tribal Nations joined together with a vision that this land will belong to future generations.

This project presents one model for how Pacific region communities may conserve landscapes for the future and make room for humans in the time of climate change.

This 3,500-acre landscape is now one of the largest county parks in the Continental United States.

Landscapes of Change 

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Landscapes of Change: This series features stories and projects as they evolve over time, stay tuned for the next episode of Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park.