Landscapes of Change: Climate Ready Landscape Plants

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Climate Ready Landscape Plants

The Western U.S. is expected to experience more extreme droughts due to climate change. Beautiful, low water-use plants will be critical to making the landscapes we all want.

Six western universities and institutions are working together with USDA grant funding to assist the green industry in responding to this need and to show the public what will thrive and what will perish when plants are pushed to their limits. The project is Climate Ready Landscape Plants.

Landscapes of Change 

Behind every big collaboration, a team of specialists is making unique contributions to improve the way we garden. This mini-documentary series features stories and projects as they evolve over time.

Documenting stories of climate resilience in horticulture, landscape design, restoration, and applications of research. New models that impact green infrastructure and industry, explore real and human challenges, and the amazing professionals who are driving innovation.