Rizaniño “Riz” Reyes

Rizaniño “Riz” Reyes is gardens manager for McMenamins Anderson School in Bothell, Washington. He also maintains RHR Horticulture, an enterprise dedicated to growing and designing gardens, floral design, and teaching and lecturing for various garden organizations and publications. Riz has a BS in Environmental Horticulture & Urban Forestry from the University of Washington and worked as a horticulturist for the UW Botanic Garden’s Center for Urban Horticulture.

Richard L Bitner

Richard L Bitner, MD, is an anesthesiologist by day in Hershey, Pennsylvania. He also teaches about plants and gardens, and works to promote a greater appreciation for and use of conifers in the landscape. His books include Conifers for Gardens (Timber Press, 2007) and Designing with Conifers (Timber Press, 2011).

Kirk Longpré

Kirk Longpré is a free-lance writer with a particular interest in the relationship between music and education. He completed a thesis at Athabasca University entitled An Exploration of the Potential of Music and Narrative Song as an Instrument for Learning. He teaches at University of Victoria in British Columbia and has followed Elvin Bishop’s musical career since 1968.

Megan McCaslin

Megan McCaslin, a former journalist, was introduced to the wonders of gardening by her father. As a child, she wandered with him among the oaks and camellias of their Los Angeles property, learning the Latin names of plants. She didn’t really dig in until, as a newlywed, she and her husband deemed themselves the New Orchardists, planting rare fruit trees and tending raised beds of flowers and vegetables in their Palo Alto garden.

Amanda VanDenBurgh

Amanda VanDenBurgh is a director of clinical research at Allergan. Her projects include the FDA approval of Botox for spasticity; she is also the coinventor of the Latisse patent for hair growth.

Barbara Yunker

Barbara Yunker is a social worker in Orange County, working in Adult Protective Services, a program for seniors and disabled persons. Barbara and Amanda have been together for twenty years, but have only begun gardening in earnest recently. The story of their garden can be seen at www.waterfriendlygarden.com.

Jennifer Jewell

Jennifer Jewell is the creator, writer, and host of the award-winning public radio garden program Cultivating Place: Conversations on Natural History and the Human Impulse to Garden, a co-production of North State Public Radio, distributed nationally by PRX, Public Radio Exchange. Podcasts are available at itunes and at www.cultivatingplace.com. Jennifer lives and gardens in Chico, California and is PHS Board president.

Jason Dewees

Jason Dewees works as horticulturist at Flora Grubb Gardens (www.FloraGrubb.com) in San Francisco. He also serves as a horticultural advisor to clients ranging from the San Francisco Botanical Garden and Conservatory of Flowers to landscape architects and home gardeners. Jason is working on a book for Timber Press entitled Design With Palms.

Lisa Lee Benjamin



Lisa Lee Benjamin perseveres in her worldwide pursuit to generate environments that unite people, art, and science. Consulting and collaborating on a wide variety of projects, she has inspired sustainable solutions for diverse animal and human habitats; including insect commentary, food geography, green roofs and public gardens. Her current focus is foundational change and education. Lisa is co-author of The Professional Design Guide to Green Roofs (Timber Press 2013) and a founding member of many initiatives including Urban Hedgerow, Green Roof Alliance, Alpine Initiatives and UG LAB


Matt Ritter

Matt Ritter is a professor in the Biology Department and director of the Plant Conservatory at California Polytechnic University, San Louis Obispo. “I want to help people know the trees in their city. Not just see them as green blobs,” says this disciple of street tree diversity. Ritter is the author of A Californian’s Guide to the Trees Among Us (Heyday Books, 2011) and The Plants of San Louis Obispo, Their Lives and Stories (Kendall Hunt Publishing, 2008).  He is the chair of the City of San Luis Obispo Tree Committee, and editor-in-chief of Madroño, the journal of the California Botanical Society.


Frederique Lavoipierre

Frederique Lavoipierre is the creator and author of “Garden Allies,” a series that ran for 10 years in Pacific Horticulture magazine. She also teaches classes and workshops on sustainable landscaping, including ecological principles, habitat gardens, beneficial insects, soil ecology, freshwater ecology, and aquatic invertebrates. Follow her on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/Garden.Allies.

Dan Heims

Dan Heims is the president and guiding spirit behind Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc, a company noted for its new introductions to horticulture, including selections of Heucheras and their kin, Echinacea, Coreopsis, and Pulmonaria. Based in Canby, Oregon, he travels the world to find new plants, lectures widely, and is the author of Heucheras and Heucherellas (Timber Press, 2005).

Richard G Turner Jr

Richard G Turner Jr is the editor emeritus of Pacific Horticulture. After receiving degrees in architecture and landscape architecture from the University of Michigan more than thirty years ago, he escaped to California, where he has worked in the fields of garden design, public garden education and administration, and garden publishing. His small, chemical-free San Francisco garden provides habitat for wildlife while serving as a test ground for mediterranean-climate plants.