South Africa

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From the time Pacific Horticulture began hosting tours to faraway places, South Africa has been a popular destination.

This southern-most point of the African continent is a riotous mix of picturesque mountains, tumbling rivers, rocky fields of flowers, heathland, and a stunning coastline. The region is home to some of the greatest densities of flowering plants on earth.

Join us as we visit this remarkable “Floral Kingdom” in the fall of 2017; spring in the Southern hemisphere. South Africa’s mediterranean climate—wet and mild in winter and dry in the summer—supports a vast array of beautiful plants many of which are adapted to long periods of drought, heat, and the ability to survive wildfires.


Penguins in South Africa. Photo: Lucy Warren

Our tour includes visits to diverse ecosystems ranging from the montane fynbos and evergreen forests, to semi-desert locations, and stunning beaches populated with flocks of resident penguins! We will explore a wealth of botanical treasures at Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens, Table Mountain, Karoo National Botanic Gardens, and Addo National Park where you’ll find many familiar and useful plants for western gardens, as well as those that were once considered unusual including proteas and leucadendrons.

And where there are plants, there are animals. This tour will make every effort to allow us to see some of the iconic animals of Africa such as elephants, rhinos, and perhaps even lions. South Africa is also a birdwatchers’ hot spot with many species from the center of the continent mixing with coastal birds seen nowhere else in the world.

South Africa beckons to the adventurous and the inquisitive alike. Come along with us—it’s about time we go back—or visit for the very first time.