Nature lovers grab your binoculars and cameras and come explore Iceland! This trip is an introduction to the magical island country with its astonishing natural phenomena, Viking history, arctic plants, wildlife, and creative ecologically conscious populace.

Iceland has captured people’s imagination since Jules Verne first wrote Journey to the Center of the Earth in 1871 and today more visitors than ever travel there. Its second largest city, Akureyri, was just named the #1 European destination by Lonely Planet travel guides.

Icelanders pride themselves on their geography and you’ll learn why as you experience dramatic waterfalls and fjords, high sky countryside, glaciers and geysers, and birds of all types, including a cliffside Puffin rookery that extends almost 7 miles with birds so tame you can almost pick them up with your bare hands.

You’ll learn about the native plant collection at the botanical garden in Akureyri, just 30 miles from the Arctic Circle. This outstanding garden also boasts a large collection of introduced plants that are carefully watched to see how they handle Iceland’s long-day summers and dark winters. You’ll see, too examples of sod-thatched homes dating back to early European roots.

With more landscape architects per capita than any other European nation, Iceland’s buildings and landscape reflect both aesthetic ingenuity and a strong sense of sustainability—water tanks in one Reykjavik building hold a million gallons of geothermally heated water.

Join us with Icelandic naturalist Siggi Tomasson to experience this country’s majesty and beauty first hand