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Pacific Horticulture is a gathering place for optimistic ideas and a diverse network of people who cultivate plants to make our part of the planet more livable, healthful, habitat supporting, and resilient  

Whether you are selecting plants to make your garden hum, buzz, and tweet, celebrating the love of a plant, or getting the latest on green infrastructure or water conservation

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Here are a few things you might want to know about.

In 2023 Pacific Horticulture launched the Design Futurist Award to elevate garden designers whose work supports our ecosystems, climate resilience, and the health of people in our communities.

Read Jennifer Jewell’s Prestigious Design Award Jury Calls for Ecologically Radical, Socially Bold Gardens and watch for stories on the award-winning gardens.

In a recent survey, 50% of our audience selected “access to Pacific region experts or business leaders who support climate resilient gardeners” as a top benefit. This is why we recently launched Allied Business and Organization Profiles.  

We also share plant recommendations from Pacific Plant People.

Professionals get great advice directly from the experts on our YouTube channel. 

Design is often a feature on the award-winning Garden Futurist Podcast that addresses future livability on a human scale, embracing research and innovation while respecting cultural knowledge and inclusion, to connect people with nature.  

You can find Garden Futurist Podcast on Apple and Spotify 

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