Yankee Botanist’s Search for NZ Bush

This botanical travelogue begins on the North Island of New Zealand, and extends to the southernmost tip of the South Island, providing examples of many different habitats and species of the New Zealand flora. Linda’s particular interest is the ferns, and New Zealand doesn’t disappoint: from delicate filmy ferns through magnificent tree ferns. Linda compares the New Zealand flora to that of our own west coast and discusses the native vegetation versus non-native, as well as other aspects of this delightful country. 

Linda Ann Vorobik, PhD botanist, editor, and illustrator of numerous botanical publications has lived on Lopez since 1994, but before that spent summers and weekends at her beloved family home on Lopez. Linda is enthralled by the great diversity of plants in our wonderful world. She conducts field research throughout the west, and teaches at the Siskiyou Field Institute in SW Oregon, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, at Hawaii’s South Kona Society for Education and the Arts, and at other locations. Linda has over 25 years of botanical experience, and is principal illustrator of, for example, The Jepson Manual: Vascular Plants of California, The Flora of Santa Cruz Island, and is currently working on drawings for The Flora of Santa Catalina Island.   Linda will be bringing some of her botanically inspired art work whice will be available for purchase.  She donates 35% of any proceeds back to the Chapter!
Plant Identification workshop preceding the lecture; refreshments will be available.

Cost:  Free
For more information:  https://www.wnps.org/cps/index3.html