Workshop: Propagation Techniques

This workshop is presented by Kathy Van Veen, owner of Van Veen Nursery in Portland, OR. Kathy will teach the basic techniques in reproducing woody plants, such as rhododendrons and azaleas. Participants will have the opportunity to propagate a specimen and take home a cutting.

This workshop is part of Lakewold’s Education Series, presented by our Horticulture Committee. With the help of the instructor and the committee
members, you will be provided with a mentor as you practice what you learned in the workshop class – a true hands-on learning opportunity! Workshops are free to attend.

Please call or email to register:
To sign up, call 253-584-4106 or email
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Lakewold’s Horticulture Committee: Cheryl Hart Guss, Ed Chaffee, Juley Hoffmeister, Martha Robbins, Martha Bargren, Kerry Valentine, Ann Ingham, Patti Jones, Sue Olinger, Kate Read, and Sandra Murray.