Workshop: Great Soil = Great Gardens

Improve your success rate with new plantings and create a stable environment for your gardens and landscapes to thrive — even through drought and other climate changes — by creating and maintaining a thriving soil food web.

The class will be an interactive, sit-down format with overhead slides, handouts and 1-2 hands-on demonstrations. In it, you will learn:
•how plants and soil life interact and why they need each other;
•how to adjust soil conditions for various plant communities and
•ways to boost beneficial soil life that will provide nutrients and protect your plants from disease, without resorting to chemical means.

And you can achieve this all with less inputs and energy than you might think!

In order to tide you over till the excitement begins, see this fantastic 30 minute program from KRCB: Natural Heroes – Sonatas of the Soil.


Kelley Burnham – a certified permaculturist, home & garden designer and owner/founder of Biota, Kelley has been gardening and growing food in the midst of Concord before the word “locavore” ever crossed anyone’s lips.

Marian Woodard – a Master Gardener and co-founder of Rogers Ranch Urban Farm & Teaching Garden in Pleasant Hill, Marian is a sought-after instructor whose Georgia drawl has charmed students at the Ranch, Diablo Valley College, and Sustainable Contra Costa.

Cost: Members: $20; Non-Members: $30

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