Winter Blooming Plants with Kristin Yanker-Hansen

The Gardens at Heather Farm presents Winter Blooming Plants. One of the most common requests landscape gardeners hear from their clients is for year round color.  We are lucky that our climate allows us to grow plants and flowers for color as well as cutting in winter, spring, summer and fall. Even though we live in an area with winter frost and extreme summer heat, it is possible to fill our gardens and vases with foliage and flowers from the garden year round. We are also lucky we have experts like Kristin to show us many varieties of plants and flowers she has personally grown which are suitable for our chilly winter temperatures and rain.

Kristin Yanker-Hansenflower garden specialist, was born on the East Coast, but has spent more than half her life gardening in California where she has experimented with numerous plants in order to attain the nirvana of year round bloom. Kristin is the former President of the California Horticultural Society, the former Horticulture Chair for the California State Garden Club, and has written articles for Pacific Horticulture, as well as numerous newsletters. After years of offering her friends advice, Kristin went into business in 1995, specializing in flower gardening. In addition to year round color, she has developed plans for dry gardening and promotes organic gardening whenever possible.

Cost:  Members $20; Non-Members $25
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