What Climate Is This? Part 1

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Resilient Landscapes 

What Climate Is This? Part 1 

October 27, 2022 |

Noon Pacific Time 

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If you live in the Pacific region, you know that seasons in your garden look different from the rest of North America. There are many potentially important factors and multiple systems for mapping zones in our region; ecoregions, microclimates, hardiness, rainfall, soil types, elevation, chill hours, ecology, water quality, minimum and maximum temperatures. You have likely observed that the Pacific Ocean annually influences weather patterns from the coasts to the mountains.

In an already complex region, climate scientists tell us that extreme changes are underway. In order to live in this new climate era, we seek to build our sense of place and deepen our understanding of where we are. What language should we use when we talk about these unique places? What tools can help us understand and define the Pacific region horticulturally? And most importantly, how does this help us garden?

In this episode of our Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Resilient Landscapes series, you will hear directly from professionals who are behind the mapping resources you have likely used and some that may surprise you. We’ll get the inside story of what scientists consider when representing regional landscapes and what they think about the future we will all be part of.


The Panel

Kathleen Norris Brenzel

Horticulture Author and Editor, San Francisco Bay Area, California

Editor of the past four editions of the Sunset Western Garden Book and contributor on Sunset National Garden Book climate zone maps


Glenn Griffith

Geographer, U.S. Geological Survey (emeritus), Corvallis, Oregon

Collaborator on US Environmental Protection Agency ecoregions


Dr. Ryan Longman

Fellow, East-West Center, Pacific Island Development Program, Honolulu Hawai‘i

Collaborator on Hawaiʻi Climate Data Portal, University of Hawaiʻi’


Dr. Dan McKenny

Director, Integrated Ecology and Economics, Canadian Forest Service

Co-author of Canadian Hardiness and Climate Zone Mapping




Coming Soon

What Climate Is This? Part 2: Seeking Conclusions

To follow Part 1, we are inviting horticulture professionals from throughout the region for a panel discussion about how mapping and climate tools can help us understand and define the Pacific region horticulturally and most importantly, how they can help us garden.

Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Resilient Landscapes

We are honoring multi-disciplinary innovators who are solving the climate and horticulture challenges of today. We begin this series by exploring new ideas in resilient garden design, juxtaposing designers who share similar climate or landscape conditions from geographically and culturally distant locations.