Weaving Demonstration and Workshop with Sue Weil

Sue Weil will give a short presentation with images and discuss her work, followed by a demonstration on her own portable loom and a hands-on workshop. Students will receive individual looms and learn how to create and weave personal tapestries to take away.

Artist Statement:
“As an artist, my goal is to weave tapestries that lend beauty and a sense of quiet to the places they inhabit. Where some of my work reflects an inner call for peace, other tapestries may address the intensifying discord in our world. The title of this show, “The Way Home,” expresses my desire to find balance between being actively engaged in events surrounding us, and the periodic need to retreat for reflection and self-renewal. Ultimately, I hope that my tapestries share with the viewer a sense of promise and optimism.”

Cost: 25$ including materials

For more information: www.magc.org