UW Botanic Gardens: Urban Foraging: Weeds and Wild Foods

Participate in this ‘weed walk’ and learn how to identify and gather some of the most common edible weeds and wild foods available in your garden and in other disturbed areas. Many gardeners are already recognizing many of the benefits of these ‘interlopers.’ However, when it comes to serving them up in the kitchen, few of us have learned to take full advantage of these labor-free gifts. This hands-on workshop includes discussion on gathering ethics, local rules and regulations, safety, and general information about how to cook with weeds. Attendees receive a handy take-home flier with field identification information and cooking tips.

Cost: $25; $30 after February 8th

Register Online or call 206-685-8033

Instructor Melany Vorass Herrera studied ethnobotany at Evergreen State College and holds a degree in environmental policy. For well over 20 years, her public policy work focused on such subjects as stormwater, hazardous waste, solid waste, environmental cleanup and the Endangered…