UW Botanic Gardens: Aquatic Weed Management

Fee: Early-bird discount $45; $55 after August 8, 2013

Class description: This class will cover information needed to identify and control noxious weeds and invasive plants that grow in the water and around shorelines and wetlands in King County, Washington.  We will explain the laws, regulations and permits related to controlling weeds in aquatic areas.

Next, we will give an overview of the IPM methods and strategies that are effective for controlling weeds in water and wetlands including manual, mechanical, cultural, chemical, and biological control methods.  Third, we will teach how to identify and control aquatic noxious weeds and invasive plants including subermerged aquatics, floating plants, emergent and wetland weeds, and riparian and facultative species that tend to grow near water.

In addition to the class time, we will have live specimens of aquatic weeds to look at and we will explore the wetlands of the Arboretum for aquatic weed examples.