The Secrets to Success with Soil

Why do so many plants and gardens fail to thrive despite best intentions? Learn the answer from world class garden consultant Kate Frey.

Three time medalist of the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in London; internationally renowned landscape designer, Kate Frey is a Mendocino County Treasure.  She has graciously agreed to make a special appearance and share her expertise as part of the Gardens’ educational program.

Join Kate, at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, for an informative presentation revealing the secrets to success with soil.  Healthy soil creates healthy plants, yet what is healthy soil and how do we create it?  When do we till and when do we not need to?  What is the correct approach to each garden type?  Learn the simple secrets to success with soil in many different situations, from vegetable gardens, flower borders, and shrubs to mature trees, in this informative slideshow and presentation.