The Art of Henna

Join Melanie Ooi from Blue Lotus Henna as she gives us the insight history and cultural and customary uses of henna. After the talk, you are welcome to stay for a henna demo.  Henna is a natural dye derived from the leaves of a shrubby bush that originated in the deserts of North Africa, the Middle East and India. It has been used by all of the cultures from these regions in their rituals and festivities for thousands of years. Henna is considered to be a sacred substance and is used as a blessing and to ward off the evil eye (give protection) for those who wear it.

Melanie Ooi, owner and lead artist of Blue Lotus Henna, has been developing her henna business in Portland since 2006. With a New Zealand Master Mariner for a father and a Chinese artist, author and small business entrepreneur for a mother, she was destined for a life of travel and creativity. Years of living and exploring in SE Asia, Japan, China, India, Morocco and Turkey (to name a few), heavily influenced Melanie’s artistic aesthetic.
Cost:  Members Free; Non-Members Adults $10; Seniors $9; Students $7; Under 5 Free
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