Succulent Extravaganza 2015

We are so excited for an action-packed year! Here’s the schedule. Stay tuned for more details, pictures, and info!

At a glance, in addition to the gorgeous creations of our own Succulent Gardens team, we’re going to have tours, demonstrations, lectures, and workshops by these fine professionals (in no particular order):

  • Robin Stockwell, Founder of Succulent Gardens
  • Baylor Chapman, Lila B. Design
  • Saxon Holt, Saxon Holt Photography & PhotoBotanic
  • Debra Lee Baldwin, Author
  • Janet Sulis, Sunset Western Garden Collection
  • Brian Kemble, The Ruth Bancroft Garden
  • Sean Stout & James Pettigrew, The Organic Mechanics
  • Steve Sutherland, SSA Landscape Architects
  • Andrea Hurd, Mariposa Gardens
  • Aaron Ryan, Grower for Succulent Gardens
  • Julia Bell, Creative Director for Succulent Gardens
  • Kristin Scheidt, Desert Mandala
  • Laura Balaoro and the Succulent Fanatics
  • Brian & Mary Merrell, Living Creations
  • The Monterey Bay Master Gardeners
  • and more!

Learn more about our speakers and presenters here.

**Bring your own wagon so you can shop ’till you drop!**

Cost free

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