San Francisco Native Plant Garden Tour

Come to the San Francisco Native Plant Garden Tour and witness how winter rains brought Bay Area natives back to their full spring-time glory! You can follow this free, self-guided tour at your own pace visiting gardens that range from highly designed to free-spirited and wild. Homeowners, designers, and California Native Plant Society specialists will be on hand to explain how these gardens conserve water, provide vital habitat and resources for wildlife, while reinforcing our local coastal identity.

Interesting in every season, the gardens provide a window into the world of pollination and bird /plant interaction. From gorgeous checkerspot and swallowtail butterflies to little-noticed solitary bees and native ants, vibrant pink clarkia and dainty beach strawberry plants hum with insects and the many birds that eat them. The bird- and butterfly-friendly gardens on our tour reflect different visions of what a native plant garden means. Some are over 95% indigenous; others combine native plants with drought-tolerant or traditional plantings, vegetable plots, and ornamental flowerbeds. Garden options include: a shade garden extending around and under trees; one that hosts slender salamanders, chorus frogs and other indigenous fauna; a garden of natives and edibles; plus several works-in-progress where natives are making their way back into traditional gardens. A map, descriptions and list of addresses can be found on our website prior to the tour date.
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