San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

Refreshed, Revised, Re-created…”Inspired” is the theme for the 201 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show!

For five days in March each year, people from around the world are brought together to educate, encourage and inspire garden enthusiasts of all ages and all levels of knowledge and experience. From “budding sprouts” to mature gardeners, the show must have something for everyone. It takes an army of experts and dedicated hobbyists to put on a quality show with enough depth and variety to meet the needs of everyone.

Just as gardens grow, change and renew over time, so, too, is the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show changing.

On March 19, 2014, the show will unfold with a new brilliance and a stronger message. The show will not just preach sustainability, but it will practice it as well. New guidelines prohibiting the use of invasive plants and harmful substances are being initiated to make the show a truly “green” event.

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