Salem Hardy Plant Society Fall Plant Sale

A number of new features have been added this year, such as: specialty vendors (garden/plant/organic), used garden/plant books for sale, a lunch menu featuring salads, sandwiches, burgers, pie, and drinks, and, we’ve eliminated standing in line to make your purchases; now, you’ll buy directly from each vendor. Add over two dozen plant vendors and garden artisans and you have a recipe for a FUN DAY! All of this inside and with ample free parking, too! 

Our fall plant sale is SHPSs premier event of the year and one of our major sources of income.

There will be over 2 dozen plant and artisan vendors plus Tool Sharpening, Plastic Pot recycling and Master Gardener information.

Questions, want more information? Call Tom 503-587-6080 or Carolyn Kolb at 503-509-7455.

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