Plant Life of the Santa Monica Mountains

Found adjacent to the metropolitan city of Los Angeles are the Santa Monica Mountains, a hotspot for habitat diversity and endemism. This course will discuss the rare plants of the area, the Mediterranean habitats and unique ecosystems that characterize coastal Southern California as well as the evolutionary history of key California plant lineages present in the Santa Monica Mountains. We will take several field trips to visit these habitats and the rich flora of the area, which will be accompanied by lectures from course instructors and invited guests at the La Kretz Field Station in Malibu. We will also learn a fun fact— why Hollywood is actually named after one of our most beloved native shrubs!

Lodging: Included in the course fee is the option for participants to stay in shared dormitories (limit 16) or camp at field station; participants can also stay in local hotels
Meals: Not provided; shared kitchen available on site for food storage and preparation
Transportation: Personal vehicle required for field trips.  Hiking: Easy to Moderate.

Cost:  Members $325.00; Non-Members $355.00

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