Plant Families of California

This four-day workshop with Ingrid Jordon is designed for beginning to amateur botanists to learn how to identify California plants by family and acquire the tools needed for continuing the self-education process of plant identification. Lectures and lab activities will emphasize the characteristics that are most useful for family-level plant identification. We will learn how to use the family key in the second edition of The Jepson Manual, which contains 185 native or naturalized vascular plant families, with a combination of field collections in the Bay Area and lab work using both fresh material and herbarium specimens.

A familiarity with botanical terms is helpful but not required. There will be a pre-workshop reading list, which will assist in providing familiarity with (or review of) technical terms so as to make getting through the workshop significantly easier. Participants will receive a 9” x 12” field press with a binder for their plant collections. The use of a dissecting kit and a dissecting microscope during lab sessions will be available for each student. Previous dissecting and/or microscope experience is helpful but not necessary. Students must attend all four days of the workshop; each part of the workshop will establish the foundation for the following sessions.  Meals: Not provided—participants must bring a sack lunch each day.  Transportation: Personal vehicle required for driving to multiple field sites

Course Fee: $375/$405, plus $50 required materials fee

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