PHS Open Garden: Bella Madrona

Bella Madrona, named for its towering madrones, began in 1980. Over the years several distinct garden rooms, surrounded by hedges and including large open spaces, were created, as the garden began hosting large parties and benefits. Now 37 yrs old, the garden directed its own maturation, as a result it has taken on a personality and possesses a sense of place that is, to many visitors, alluring, eccentric and magical. Those who have the pleasure of visiting do not soon forget this exceptional garden.

You’ll be the guests  Bella Madrona’s owner, Geof Beasley and PHS board members Loree Bohl and Bob Hyland. Light Refreshments will be served

Cost :$40 for members, $45 for non members

Questions call 510-849-1627 or email: