Peony Exhibit

One of China’s most revered plants, the peony is China’s unofficial national flower.  First used medicinally, by the 7th century its flowers were a favorite subject of Chinese poets and painters as a symbol of honor, wealth, and rank.  By the 11th century, its popularity was widespread and more than 100 cultivars had been developed. With large, lush blooms, it’s easy to understand why China considers the peony, “King of Flowers.”  From May 27 – 31, visit Lan Su Chinese Garden to view a stunning exhibition of cut peonies of all shapes, colors, and styles.  The Peony Display is generously supported by Adelman Peony Gardens. Xie xie!

Cost:  Members Free; Non-Members Adults $10; Seniors $9; Students $7; Under 5 Free
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