Open Garden Day at Kate Frey’s home garden in Hopland

Please join us for this great opportunity to see the principles and practices of The American Garden School expressed and demonstrated in Kate and her husband, Ben’s unique experiential and flower-filled garden in scenic Hopland, inland Mendocino county.

Profusely planted, full of flowers, bees, bird song, and rustic structures created from wood Ben has resuscitated, it has many unique seating areas, and places to explore. Visitors call it an instant sanctuary. The garden is eight years old and is composed of native and habitat plants that attract and support a wide variety of insects and birds as well as delighting our senses. There is a vegetable garden, many rustic structures, a hermit’s hut, chicken palace (with the cutest chickens ever), bar, wood library, Swiss Chalet house, and whimsical gate posts. Surprises abound!

The Workshop will cover design, site preparation, building health soil, weed control, irrigation design, plant care, bees and wildlife in the garden, and will look at some great plant varieties.

The Open Garden is available for people to wander and enjoy the unique and relaxing spaces of the garden.
$25 for workshop, $10 to attend Open Garden Day

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