The New California Garden

This course at Marin Art & Garden Center is what all Californians have been yearning for: concepts that inspire us to move past the routine landscape and interact with our gardens, think environmentally and re-imagine the lawn. We seek to embrace our localities, and modern lifestyles! Our gardens should be places of pleasure, inspiration and life. This intensive, practical course will present comprehensive information on the many interacting systems necessary to create beautiful, efficient, ecologically friendly, and locally appropriate gardens.  This course will present basic yet comprehensive information on the many interacting systems necessary to create successful gardens including:

• Site analysis
• Design
• Plants needs and soil health
• Weed, pest, and disease control
• Irrigation design

We will go over a variety of plant based, practical design styles that can serve as examples to students on how to get started putting together a concept for their own garden, as well as look at problem situations and solutions.  Instruction will focus on organic, ecologically sound practices appropriate to our dry summer climate.  These intensive courses are a remarkable opportunity to learn practical and tested methods for creating successful gardens.  Two-time Chelsea Flower Show gold medal winner, educator and renowned horticulturist and designer Kate Frey and local landscape manager and designer, Christa Moné, will share their expertise developed over many years in Northern California and internationally. Kate and Christa bring a wealth of information in educating people on how to create gardens that are remarkably beautiful, healthy, productive creative and efficient to care for.  The American Garden School is excited to offer this course with wonderful Marin Art & Garden Center in their incredibly beautiful garden. Class will end with a casual reception including delicious small bites and local wine.

Cost:  $130.00

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