Neurotic Sublime Garden Design

What gives you the creative spark? How do you find inspiration? In her ever constant hunger to see art, plants and gardens, Karla Dakin celebrates the shadow side of creativity, highlighting the obsessive and the mundane.  Learn how she keeps her landscape architecture practice alive through three green roof projects that span a career of over two decades.

Karla Dakin specializes in artful, environmentally bold landscape architecture with an array of international projects. Shaped by a career in the national art world, her work continually references art. Plant-obsessed, Karla uses vegetation in forward-thinking ways, as exemplified by her roof garden for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver and the Rock House in Northwest Cameroon. This passion for art and design leads to an intriguing twist in her collaborative designs. Karla divides her time between Colorado and California with projects in both places, as well as speaking engagements the world over.

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