Native Garden Workshop

Join artistic landscape designer Pete Veilleux of East Bay Wilds and learn how to design a native plant garden that will provide color and interest throughout the year.  Bring a notepad! Pete will work through a list of California native plants—from Arctostaphylos to Xylococcus. You’ll learn how to use foliage color, fruit, habit, texture, and blooms to create beauty and intrigue in the garden all year long.

After the workshop you can browse among the four hundred species of native plants Pete grows. (This is a treat for two reasons: many of the plants at East Bay Wilds are not available elsewhere, and this nursery is not normally open to the public.)  Among the plants Pete grows are dozens of types of manzanitas, a large variety of ferns, wooly blue curls, bush poppies, many types of buckwheats, many bulb species, several kinds of goldenbushes, numerous aster species, and a wide selection of California lilacs.

Confirmation letters will be sent the week prior to the class with directions and other workshop details.

Cost:  $35.00

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