2022 Virtual Event Series: Mortal Humans, Enduring Landscapes: A Dialogue

doxiadis+ and Terremoto 

Mortal Humans, Enduring Landscapes: A Dialogue

July 14, 2022

11 am PT/9 pm Athens

Via Zoom

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Do overly managed landscapes express fears of mortality and a false sense of stability? This not overly “controlled” dialogue between members of the doxiadis+ and Terremoto landscape architecture teams explores leaping towards more naturalistic and resilient landscapes. Plant centric perspectives and sensibilities from California and Athens, Greece. This dynamic conversation will be followed by time for audience questions.



Thomas Doxiadis

Alexia Karakassis




David Godshall

Alain Peauri




2022 Virtual Event Series:

Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Resilient Landscapes

We are honoring multi-disciplinary innovators who are solving the climate and horticulture challenges of today. We begin this series by exploring new ideas in resilient garden design, juxtaposing designers who share similar climate or landscape conditions from geographically and culturally distant locations.