Marin CNPS Native Plant Sale

Get your garden ready for summer at our spring plant sale, co-sponsored by the Marin Master Gardeners. This spring we are focusing on native plants for native pollinators, and encouraging all gardeners to choose plants that will encourage these beneficial insects to visit their gardens. We’ll be offering a limited number of native annuals, some stock of milkweed plants, plus a wide selection of California native perennials, grasses, and shrubs in 4-inch and 1-gallon pots, as well as some select larger plant specimens. We also carry native seed packets, books, posters and cards. Come early for the best selection!

At 11:00 there will be a short talk on Welcoming our Native Pollinators;  this short talk will introduce you to some of the native solitary bees, flies, and beetles that also provide this valuable ecosystem service. We’ll also discuss some of the best plants and flowers to attract pollinators, as well as important gardening methods that will ensure thriving populations of pollinating insects, butterflies, and birds in your garden!  Long before European honeybees were introduced to the Americas, a host of other creatures were pollinating native plants and food crops.

Native plant communities support vibrant insect populations that attract birds and animals to feed on the insects. In return, these small creatures provide the pollination services for our food and flowers. Any native plant added to your garden will help support important insect populations that are the foundation of the food chain. We’ll help you find the perfect choices to enhance the biodiversity of your home garden and make it a place where pollinators love to live.

Cost:  Free

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