LASMM CNPS Plant Sale and Wildfower Show

The annual Wildflower Show of the Los Angeles/Santa Monica Mountains chapter of the California Native Plant Society is scheduled in conjunction with a simultaneous Native Plant Week Symposium, plant and book sale.  The Symposium will feature speakers throughout the day.  Plants for sale will be available courtesy of our Symposium partner, the Theodore Payne Foundation.   We welcome California native wildflower cuttings from your home gardens; the cuttings need to be available for set up on the morning of Friday, April 15.  The Symposium will feature the following speakers:

10 -11:30 am Welcoming Wildlife into Our Gardens Carol Bornstein
As gardeners, we all have the power to make a difference in conserving biodiversity by creating habitat for wildlife. Residential, commercial, and public spaces areincreasingly dedicated to the rewarding and vital endeavor of supporting birds, beneficial insects, and other wild creatures whose natural habitats are threatened by development, pollution, inappropriate use of toxic chemicals, and the unchecked spread of invasive species. Come away with simple tips for designing and tending gardens that welcome wildlife, including some of the best native plants for the Los Angeles region. Carol is Director of the Nature Gardens at the Natural HistoryMuseum of Los Angeles County.

noon-1:30 pm  Aromatic Plants for the Garden  Genevieve Arnold
Many California native plants are admired for their highly aromatic foliage or flowers. This olfactory tour of some of our favorite fragrant natives includes the biology of plant fragrance, beautiful images and scented samples! Genevieve is Theodore Payne Foundation’s Seed Program Manager and an aficionado of local native plant speciesin their natural wild habitats and in her own aromatic garden. Previous to her
position as Seed Program Manager at TPF, she served as Seed Conservation Program Technician at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. Her experience with seeds has given her an appreciation for the unique form and beauty of the native garden in all its phases.

2-3:30 pm Native Plants in Southern California Basketry Bryn Potter
Bryn Potter grew up in the San Fernando Valley but didn’t know much about native plants until she took archaeological field classes. Moving from archaeologist to museum curator, she became a specialist in Native American basketry. Come hear about how local native plants are woven into baskets and how the local Chumash andTongva/Gabrieliño peoples use baskets as tools in their everyday life, and how they
embellish them with beautiful designs. There will be samples of basketry plants, baskets, and slides to illustrate this presentation. Bryn has a B.A. and M.A. in Anthropology from California State University, Northridge.
Cost:  Free
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